Friday, March 30, 2012

Pray for Indonesia

Indonesia is one of big countries in Asia. As an Indonesian, I am proud of that big which means we have potential in developing with huge people in it. Someday, I will be the leader of Indonesia.

But, the condition of Indonesia is not good enough now. Tomcat, increasing of fuel price, corruption, chaos demonstration, and others. This what we are going to talk about tonight. Not we, but my opinion about my beloved country.

As Indonesian, I hope I can live peacefully here and it is my right. The chaos demonstration should not be happened in Indonesia. I was disappointed with the mass, known as MAHASISWA, doing that chaos demonstration. They speak loudly about the Indonesian people's right. But, they destroy the place where Indonesian work at. Don't they think about that? I don't think so.

Then, they make a blockade on the road. It makes the taxi drivers, Indonesian people who should be defended by them, afraid to take a costumer. Don't they think about that? I don't think so.

Another chaos at the restaurant. Same happened there. The workers are Indonesian people who should be defended by them. I don't think so that they think about it too.

So, what should they do? They should concentrate more on their study and do something to this country. Make  a company that will decrease the unemployment. Make your country be proud of you. Try to develop your country with your knowledge. Do not destroy it, stupid!

About Tomcat, I think it is just a diversion about the hot issue that is happened now especially the corruption issue of the ruling party. Tomcat is not important. So, do not make it as a headline news. 

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