Friday, October 14, 2011


Currently batik has been very popular, not only in Indonesia but also in various parts of the world. Communities in Indonesia and the community in other countries have much to wear batik-print clothing. Popularity not only because of the uniqueness that is very attractive to anyone who saw but also suitable for use by anyone from small children to adults. It would be interesting if we see the manufacturing process is no less unique. 

Based on the manufacturing process, there are three types of batik, namely: batik, batik printing, and batik. All three produce batik which are equally interesting, it's just different in the manufacturing process. Batik batik is made by using a cap stamped batik to batik material. Batik printing is a process of batik is made like a printer, the fabric is laid on the table then the whole process of printing directly onto the surface of the material.Sedanglan was like painting batik batik on fabric using a canting. 

In this era, the kind of batik is very difficult to be found almost nothing else. Today, most industries making batik or batik printing because it is more efficient and requires less time than the batik. However, it can be said that batik is batik ancestors. 

Batik industry is one of a growing industry in Indonesia. Not a few batik industry in this country. All of them competing in terms of quality and price. As said earlier, the industry batik or batik printing is the most widely developed because kefisienannya than batik that require a longer time in the process.