Friday, August 5, 2011


In my opinion, teachers are those who teach us something, whether through formal and nonformal education.

The first story about my kindergarten teacher, in fact no one can tell because the kindergarten teacher is only one to pass. It is memorable days of kindergarten is I always get the big 4, and always dinomer 4 of 20 people. My kindergarten teacher named Lita bu, bu Lita and because of this I know the numbers 0-9 and AZ. I was even able to write because of bu Lita. If there is no possible Lita bu I can not write. Until now if he meets (live in Batu Merah, Batam), he always says "ih .. Tyo was flunky yes" (meaning grown in Batam). Thank you to Mrs Lee.

The second is the teacher, the father of home tutor named Mr. Mustafa. The most memorable thing from him is his way of teaching reading in the Quran, if one is always pinched me. It is very impressive is cubitannya sick. Before and after chanting father always told to memorize a short letter until now the capital in prayer.

Next, Mrs. Nurhaliza my elementary school teacher, a very memorable and inspiring me is writing his neat on the board. This makes me want to write neatly for easy reading.And I think now I've made posts like writing bu Nurhaliza (neat in my opinion).

Next is a junior high teacher named Mrs. Yusmaini. He is a teacher of Mathematics.Smenjak taught mathematics by yusmaini bu I feel that math is easy to understand because of his nature that explains clearly and unequivocally. Thanks to my explanation, he twice scored 100 and then after that I was chosen to follow the Olympics represent matermatika Junior High School 4 Batam. Although defeated, but bu Yusmaini has grown to compete with the other souls.

My next teacher was my martial arts teacher named Mas Parlan. Parlan mas is the one who taught me to practice martial arts and led me to follow the Riau Islands provincial championship and championship level of Batam City. Alhamdulillahnya diploma won the provincial championship rankings II and III ranks for the city that I could get used to PMDK Industrial Engineering UNS so I accepted and can be enrolled to date.

My last teacher was Mrs. Komariah memorable, often called Bu Kokom. Kokom mother has a cheerful personality while teaching, but seriously. While children have always seen saturated bu kokom mengalihakan learning with a joke or a joke (crhatan, poetry, etc.) so we are not too saturated at school. When the class III SMA bu kokom into homeroom so that the relationship with the children he is getting closer. Until now when I go to Batam when our class widths are always home bu kokom and always greeted with an encouraging discourse and also eat the typical Palembang Tekwan and Pempek.

So many stories of teachers of the most memorable from my childhood up until I went to college in this UNS. In my kindergarten teacher was the most memorable among all his blessing because I can read and write.