Thursday, July 28, 2011

I and Industrial Engineering: My story before being accepted

Several years ago, after graduating from high school N 1 Batam before I went to Bandung city in preparation for college entrance. In Bandung, there are already some of my high school friends had to take preparatory courses for PTN in one of the tutorials are quite famous in Indonesia, so I signed up to learn there as well. After paying in full and following two sessions and one test trials SNMPTN, I informed the parents that there is a letter from the University of March that states I passed PMDK. The next day, I ordered the day after my plane ticket and go directly to Batam. Total 10 days in Bandung can be said almost in vain.The above story is the beginning of the trip before I went to UNS industrial engineering. I was one of the students who received tuition in UNS PMDK through sport. The point is, I do not need a written exam but i have to pass tek talent, which is in accordance with the performance in sports that I have. Registration PMDK I follow through collective registration of a circular received by the school. Incidentally, I have a certificate of appreciation from the following Porprov (pecan Provincial Sports) Kepri in Pencak Silat.At the time of aptitude tests, conducted in Solo of course, made me leave Batam and could not attend the farewell / release of students who held the school. Pretty sad but I am proud of my choice to follow an aptitude test so I was accepted as UNS mahsiswa in industrial engineering. And that day I first felt the Solo traditional foods, rice liwet in Manahan. Then came the day re-registration after making a payment via Bank Permata.On the day of re-registration, there are about 1000 students accepted through the PMDK. When a speech by Mr. Rector, I met a fellow industrial engineering department received PMDK through sports as well. Sofyan and his name the original Sukoharjo.Then we were a lot of stories about each school, ie sports karate background, and the last we saw brother and industrial engineering degree majors are invited to the secretariat HMTI (Industrial Engineering Student Association).Acceptance of me as a student majoring in industrial engineering a completely new feel on the first day of college. First day of class along with the first day of Ramadan fasting.To this day, I feel fortunate to be accepted at the department of interest by many people.

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