Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Watching BPL

This is a Saturday night in Indonesia. It is a BPL or Barclays Premier League night. After watching  Arsenal vs Chelsea at 7/00 PM, now I watch QPR vs Totenham Hospurs. They are not my favorite team. Because I sing Glory for United.

This night match will not affect United at all, but it is enough to make me asleep. To keep fighting for earning money by blogging, to keep thinking about my future, to keep listing what I am going to do for tomorrow, to keep thinking about her, to do some blogwalking, and so on.

I think this a long night.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Innovation Contest

This post is only an opinion about an innovation contest held in Indonesia. Like Black Innovation Award. Last year, I competed at this award and did not recognize by the jury. This is not my disappointed opinion, but a review about the award of innovation.

First, innovation is about something new that never been before. Actually, there is no pure innovation in the world. Why? Because it is only use the former knowledge to create something better. Or use the knowledge to make something useful. Or fix the former solution of some problems with a new boundary.

The BIA is held every year with thousands contestant in Indonesia. My friends and I tried to follow this contest last year. But, We lost at the first stage. Means we did not pass the preliminary stage. We just wonder why we did not pass. The contest should give a feed back to the contestant they refused. So, we do not guess what is wrong to our innovation.

Then, from the 50 contestant chosen, I think they are not inventor. There is a blog that review about the 50. You can search at Google. The point here is, the jury is not good enough. They should filter the better idea of innovation. Some of the 50 are available at department store as china's product. Are they called innovator?

BIA 2012 is held since February until May for registration now. But, I try to focus on my Final Task to get graduating after 4 years study. Actually, I want to compete again there, but I will focus more on my study. Hope there is enough time later.

For sharing here, you can the idea of innovation can be from anywhere and anytime. So, prepare for yourself when the idea comes and make it happens. Thank you.