Friday, February 3, 2012

Review of Paper: VegaDLib: A Service-Oriented Platform for Building Digital Libraries

Title           : VegaDLib: A Service-Oriented Platform for Building Digital Libraries
Authors     : Ke Li, Haozhi Liu, Haiyan Yu
Content     :

Today many are made with the digital library concept based solution in which the concept approach has one drawback, namely the data are not used to the new system and more specific. This is a basic idea of ​​the development of service oriented systems digilib platform known as VegaDLib. With the development of a new concept, then the user can build their own libraries with cost and small businesses.Dissertations consists of three main components, namely content (resources), core system (management and operation of user and administrator), and the user interface (user and system interaction). Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an approach to the integration of heterogeneous systems where for system platform, various power sources can be collected as a web service to enhance the operation of the components in it.VegaDLib based on the general model and made some extensions.VegaDLib motivation is to create a common platform that is easily installed on different systems. These systems are heterogeneous operating systems, databases and other metadata specifications.SOA consists of three main parts, namely a model layer, control layer, and the view layer. The model layer is the database structure of the system with one element of a record (actual metadata from resources). The model layer is the basis of development control layer and view layer. Control layer is the basic functionality of the system consisting of four different functional modules that use the classification of the model layer. Kempat module is record and catalog management, and service index searching, browsing and data services provider, and the administration that includes the service admin. View layer is a composition of three modules that include user-side utility web services client, server-side process modules, and web portal. This layer is responsible for users and core systems, efficiency, Reliability of, and security interactions.SOA implementations in the digital library is as follows, to manage the service (service record) who is in control layers have two functions set the record and provide the facility to set the record. In the catalog service is used to catalog the metadata (list books, etc.) but, to catalog the existing record. Record in question is a record that is in the record factory. Catalog service is used to store records that may have been deleted can be restored again. Index service is very useful in the library system. With index users can search data easily and quickly. Index is also used as a marker in the metadata. For example, the form of power point metadata, document, pdf etc will diindexkan differently according to the type of existing metadata. Next is a search service, search service is related to the index service. Search service is always looking index that was created in the index service. Results are displayed by the search service is the result of having a degree of similarity and a high level of access to low-level access.The data service provider is used combine multiple data from various sources and creates an index on that data. Example is the data collected in aggregate and index created for the user, making it easier when searching for global secar. Admin service needed to manage existing data. Admin bertuga to start or stop the system. Admin can also serve mengauthorisasi that the data can be accessed by other users at different levels of service.A user interface that can be used is a web portal. Where now can be accessed anywhere at anytime and with beberbagai gadget options. In accessing the metadata contained in digital libraries needs to be distinguished storage area index and also the original metadata. Because not everyone can access the metadata of the original, because it feared the tone aka people who are not responsible to remove the existing metadata in the metadata.Features available in the following VegaDlib, kemudalah in installation, maintenance and use. Users can easily set sesusai needs. The system is quite stable and can be used in a variety of platforms. It is possible an exchange of data between the database instance to the original database.

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